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Hey cutie~ <3
Fri Mar 11, 2016, 9:21 PM
Okay.... wait, what's with the name "TadaKari"? Is Tadashi shipped with you?! Just wante.
Tue Oct 13, 2015, 12:25 AM
Tue May 12, 2015, 7:07 AM
Hey, never used this shout thing before haha, good thing it's easy to use :D
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 10:22 AM
Hi! :)
Sun Apr 12, 2015, 3:53 AM
I will never understand why you are so difficult, why you have to be this way toward me... you say you don't want to lose friends and then you toss away people like garbage. You have no respect for anyone who truly cares for you...
Sun May 19, 2013, 9:30 PM
I believe we are both rational adults, please respond... I implore you to show some civility and kindly answer my inquiries
Sat May 18, 2013, 6:51 PM
... we need to talk, there's a lot that needs to be cleared up
Sat May 18, 2013, 5:49 PM
Fri May 10, 2013, 9:52 PM
maria says hello Maria: hewwo!!
Thu Apr 4, 2013, 3:47 PM



“So… Tell me what we’re doing again?” Lucy sighed, looking over at Levy with a bored look on her face. Levy giggled, her eyes still trained on the boys that were currently stretching and throwing insults at each other.

“We’re going to be doing our own version of a wife carrying competition. Gajeel saw it on a job flyer and wanted to know what it was. When we looked it up, he thought it looked easy and called Natsu and Gray out, which brings us to right now.” She explained, heaving a sigh of amusement. Lucy looked back to the boys, sighing in aggravation at the sight of Natsu and Gray once again at each other’s throats in an argument that most likely didn’t make any sense.

“Guys! Stop fighting and let’s get the race started! You know we only have today to relax before the games start up again tomorrow, and if we’re not going to do this, I’m going to go enjoy my day off!” Lucy shouted, and both boys stopped and looked at her, while Gajeel just rolled his eyes and stood up, locking eyes with Levy.

“So shrimp, wanna explain the rules to the idiots and Lucy?” he asked, and Natsu glared at Gajeel, about to shout something at him before Lucy elbowed him in the stomach and fixed him with her own annoyed glare. Levy smiled at Lucy before looking around at everyone.

“Okay, so the rules of a wife carrying competition are pretty easy. It will be a 254 meter race, with two dry obstacles and a water obstacle that’s about 1 meter deep. You must be carrying a wife and she must be over 17 years old..” Levy paused for a second at the word wife, her face looking like a strawberry. Her eyes shifted to Gajeel for a second before she continued. “Anyone being carried has to be at least 49 kg, and if she is not, then there will be extra weight added on to make the weight equal 49 kg. The only equipment allowed is a belt worn by the carrier and a helmet one by the carried, everyone takes care of their own safety, and you win by completing the course in the shortest time. The most important rule, though, is that all participants must enjoy themselves!” she finished, looking everyone over with a smile. Gray groaned.

“So that means I can’t race then? Cause Lucy’s probably going to be carried by Flame Brain, and Gajeel’s going to be carrying you, Levy. I guess I’ll just be the judge of the race then..” he sighed. Natsu snickered and Gajeel rolled his eyes.

“Maybe you could design the obstacle course, Gray! Since there’s two dry obstacle courses, maybe one of them could be ice or something?” Lucy said, and Gray looked at her, before a smirk came to his face. He raced off without saying another word, already starting up his ice make magic.

“Why’d you have to go and tell him that, Lucy?! Now he’s going to make something with ice!” Natsu whined, and Happy laughed.

“Natsu, you’re a fire dragon slayer. You can just melt the ice!” he said, and Natsu blinked before grinning widely. A few minutes later, Gray came back.

“Okay, so there’s an ice course first, and that goes all the way to a forest area. You have to dodge the trees and loop back around to the beach on the other side, swim 100 meters out and back, and the finish line is set up on the beach. You guys ready to start?” he asked, and both Natsu and Gajeel smirked. The next thing Lucy and Levy knew, they boys had picked them up and were carrying them in the positions that they were going to use for the whole race. Natsu had picked Lucy up so fast that she ended up hanging upside down and grabbing his waist to stop herself from falling face first to the ground, while Gajeel picked had Levy thrown over his shoulder. The two of them lined up next to each other and the girls shared a look with one another.

“Good luck, Lulu!” Levy said, and Lucy smiled at her.

“You to- AAAAHHHH!” she screamed as the boys started running. Lucy buried her face into Natsu’s back as she could hear Levy laughing as Gajeel ran. She had no idea where they were at in the course, until Natsu started slipping all over the place. She looked up for a second and saw that Gajeel was slipping around too. “Natsu! You have fire! Just ignite your feet!” Lucy yelled, and Natsu’s eyes widened. His feet ignited and he started running over the ice without slipping.

“Go, Gajeel, go!” Levy cheered, bouncing up and down on Gajeel’s shoulder as he ran over the ice with ease. He had produced spikes on his shoes before they even started, so when he got to the ice, he was able to get ahead of Natsu easily. Gajeel ran over the ice, and by the time that Natsu had made it halfway, he was already to the forest.

“Come on, Salamander! You’re never gonna beat me that way!” he yelled, heading through the forest. Natsu growled, running faster over the ice and finally making it to the forest. He ran in after Gajeel, dodging trees and branches as he went.

“Natsu! Don’t just run around! I’m still back here, you know!” Lucy yelled at Natsu, who only laughed and ran faster to try and catch up with Gajeel, who had completely gone out of eyesight with how far ahead he was.

“Sorry, Luce, can’t do that! We’re not gonna lose to Gajeel!” he said, holding onto Lucy with one arm. “Fire Dragon’s Claw!” Natsu’s hand ignited in flames and he started to swing his arm around, knocking down trees left and right, quickly catching up to Gajeel.

“Took you long enough Salamander! I thought you’d never catch up.” Gajeel snickered, giving a side glance to Natsu as they made it out of the forest.

“Ha! As if I’d let you win!” Natsu laughed, as both of them made it to the water at the same time. Gajeel moved Levy to his back and Natsu moved Lucy around to where she was just on his back. “Ready Luce?” he asked, not even waiting for her reply before he dived into the water. Gajeel rolled his eyes, racing in after him and swimming after him. Lucy looked next to her to see that Levy and Gajeel had caught up to them. She smiled at Levy, who smiled back, before Gajeel pulled ahead of them, swimming ahead and turning around. He passed Natsu on his way back, and the only thing that Natsu heard was the snicker of his fellow dragon slayer, but that was enough to make him swim faster. He soon caught up to Gajeel and they were neck and neck until they got out of the water and started racing towards the finish line, where Gray was standing there waiting for them. He watched as the guys, who had switched their girls back to the way they were being carried before, both ran headfirst towards the finish line, Gajeel pulling a little ahead of Natsu, running over the finish line a second faster than his flame magic counterpart. Both of them put Lucy and Levy down.

“Looks like you lost, Salamander. The better couple one.” Gajeel snickered, and Natsu growled, getting in Gajeel’s face and glaring at him.

“You wanna fight, iron maiden?!” Natsu countered, and the two of them started fighting again. Lucy sighed, looking over to Gray and Levy.

“Well…. I guess I expected this…. What’s the prize for this, anyways?” she asked, and Gray thought about it for a little bit.

“You know, I have no idea… What do you want, Levy?” he asked, and Levy blinked.

“How about books? There’s some that I really wanted to get.” She answered, and Gray nodded.

“Okay. Lead the way. Lucy, you coming?” he asked, and Lucy took one more look at Gajeel and Natsu, before sighing and following after them, leaving the two to fight.

FF 2016- Week 2 Solo: Twilight Ouroburos
Here is Twilight Ouroburos' solo event for week 2! i hope you enjoy my story! ^-^

Fairy Tail (c) Hiro Mashima

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“Come on, kid. I just found the coolest game ever, and we are playing it. Now.” I dropped my notebook and pencil in shock, having only a millisecond to grab them again as I was picked up and put over a bony shoulder. I looked back at Sans, who just smiled at me, his gold tooth gleaming in the sunlight as he walked back to his house. We walked for what seemed like hours and all the while I was listening to him talk about some game. Before I could ask though, he was standing in front of his house. Everything went silent for a few minutes, with Sans just quietly listening to what’s going on in the house.

He must be listening for Papyrus.’ I thought, looking back at him before looking out in front of me. Monsters were slowly starting to gather around outside and some of them looked like they wanted to attack us. My eyes widened slightly and I gripped Sans’ hoodie, my fist shaking. “Sans…” I whispered, “Sans, we’re drawing a crowd…” I finished, my voice barely audible. Sans must have felt how scared I was, because the next thing I knew, that familiar whirlwind vacuum feeling had come and gone, and I was thrown onto a bed, my pencil and notebook flying in different directions as I bounced slightly, dropping my things. I looked up and found Sans staring me down.

“Stay here. I hid the cards so that Papyrus couldn’t steal them.” He said, going off to search in his closet, the excited tone in his voice giving me the view of a new side of Sans; one that he had never let show before. He was actually excited about something, and while seeing Sans like this gave me a warm feeling, it also made me feel a little weird.

What is he looking for…?’ I thought, thoughts about the things he could possibly be looking for, and before my thoughts had the chance to turn down a dark path, he came back, sitting on his bed in front of me. He had the biggest smile on his face, his gold tooth seeming to shine brighter as he showed me a box. “Cards Against Humanity?” I asked, and he chuckled, a sudden sense of dread washing over me as I heard the dark ulterior motive behind the elated smile. Sans flashed his gold tooth at me, smirking wide like the Chesire Cat.

“This is how this is going to work, kiddo. We’re gonna play this, Cards Against Humanity, but it’s gonna be strip style.” He said, and my eyes widened.

He wants to play a striping game?’ I thought, my face growing red as he explained the way the game would work for two people.


“So, Steph, this is how this works. Eight rounds. Person being judged lays down four cards; 1 to answer the black card and 3 to fill space. If the judge picks your card, you win the round, if not, you lose a piece of clothing. Capiche?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at Steph before I smirked at the look on her face. Her eyes were wide, and I could just see her brain’s gears workin’ overtime to figure out what to say about the game.

“What does the winner get? There’s got to be some catch to this.” She said, and I chuckled again, opening the black and white cards. I started shuffling the cards, dealing both of us 8 cards and placing the first black card on the table before I answered her.

“Whatever I want.” I said, smirking at her as she glared at me. Laughing at how cute she was when she was determined, I read the first card. “I named the Fallen Child _____.” I said, and watched Steph closely as she smiled, placing down cards until there were four sitting face down in front of me. Chuckling at her confidence, I gathered the cards and read them. “I named the Fallen Child… Mustard. Frick. *Bwap*. Human Sacrifice. Wow, Steph… You’re not gonna make this easy, are you? But one thing… What is *bwap*? The others are awesome, but I think you wasted a card, kiddo.” I said, and Steph smirked. Raising my bonebrow in a silent order for her to tell me, her smirk turning into a laugh.

“That’s the sound they made when they hit the ground!” she laughed, playing out a kid falling and hitting the ground with a ‘bwap’. I stared at her for a second, before I lost it.

“Oh my god, kid. That’s fucked up!” I laughed, picking the card and putting the rest in a discard pile. I took my slippers off and threw them in between us. “You earned these. What does the next card say?” I said, a hint of taunting playing in my voice. Steph seemed to look wearily at me as she flipped the next card over. “_____ is against the rules. Gimme your best cards, sweetheart.” I challenged, and not even a second later, Steph had slammed four cards down on the table. Glancing at her, I picked up the cards. “____ is against the rules… Gaster throwing skittles at passersby yelling ‘TASTE THE RAINBOW, BITCH!. Getting a blowjob under the hotdog stand. Dad jokes. Mercy…” I busted out laughing, picking up the first card. “Kiddo… Oh my god…”

“Damn it…” I looked at her in confusion, before my smirk widened.

“This isn’t the card you bet on, is it?” I asked, and her glares said it all as I started chuckling again. “Well, looks like you lose this round. Lose the shoes, toots.” Steph huffed and pulled off her sandals, throwing them into the established pile. I just smiled at her as she flipped over the next card.

“Sans’ biggest turn on? So, what turns you on, Sans?” Steph asked, a smirk making its way to her face. I glared, willing myself not to turn red like I knew I would. Huffing, I picked my cards, laying them down on the table for her to read. “Sans’ biggest turn on… The cock-sucking-mother-fucking abomination that is the Pervy-Gaster blog. Swinging around a knife. Sudden, persistent skeleton heat. Biting kink feat. Undertale! Sans…” Steph’s eyes shifted up to look at me, her lips curling into a smile as she picked a card out of her hand and put the others in the discard pile. “So… You have a biting kink, do you? Kinky…” she said, and I laughed.

“Pretty sure that’s your kink, kiddo.” I said, watching as her face slowly turned to red.

“Wait… Does that mean you lost the round?” she asked, and I chuckled.

“Yeah. It may be a turn on, but it’s not the one I bet on, so you win. Here ya go, sweetheart.” Pulling off my jacket, I threw it on top of our shoes as Steph flipped over the next card.


“Don’t ask Sans to turn up the music unless you’re prepared to _____.” I read, already knowing these cards were going to be the beginning of the end. With a smirk, four cards were practically thrown in front of me and the smirk only widened as I glared wearily at him. Picking up the cards, I fixed him with one last gaze. “So… Ether you’re overconfident, or you know what I’m going to pick already. Ah, well. We’ll find out. Don’t ask Sans to turn up the music unless you’re prepared to… Terrible skeleton puns. Orgasm. SPEARS. Getting dunked on. Hm. Well, because you seem so confident in your choice, I’m assuming you played this one.” I said, holding up a card. His smirk widened, which only confirmed it, bringing a smile to my face. “Don’t ask Sans to turn up the music unless you’re prepared to orgasm. Sounds about right.” I said, and met his eye.

“Then that means I win the round. Lose the pants, doll.” He said, his golden fang flashing in the light that filtered into the room. Sighing and unbuttoning my jeans, stealing a glance at Sans, only to see his staring at me with what looked like hunger in his eyes. Rolling my own, I unzipped them, shimmying out of my jeans and laying them on the ever-growing pile of clothes. I sat down and folded my legs, sitting so that my shirt was covering up the area that he undoubtedly wanted to see. Laughter swelled up in my chest at the tortured glare that fixed itself on his skull, and he flipped over the next card. “What does Papyrus hate most?” he read, and I swore for a second that I saw a sense of fear and pain had appeared on Sans’ face, disappearing as soon as it appeared. I was about to ask if he was okay, but decided against it when I saw the curious look in his pinprick. Looking at my cards, I picked three random cards, but when I went to put my fourth card down, I paused. I knew he would pick it, but I didn’t want to ruin the god mood that he had been in the whole time we had been playing. Shaking my head, I placed the card, down before looking up at him to find him staring at me. “You done?” he asked, and when I nodded, he picked the cards up, looking over all of them, pausing at the last one. “What does Papyrus hate most… Fontcest… Mettaton… Safe word…” he said, whispering them, like he was dreading the last one.

“Me.” I whispered, and Sans’ bright red iris met mine. “You know he does, Sans.”

“He doesn’t hate you, Steph… He doesn’t like you, but he doesn’t hate you.” Sans said, but it sounded more like he wanted to convince himself more than reassuring me I was wrong. Smiling at him softly, I reached over and took his hand, giving his bony fingers a squeeze.

“He does, Sans. He absolutely hates me because whenever I’m around, you are more defiant of him; you stick up for yourself and me, which Papyrus really hates. He loves being in control of you and I make it hard for him because you get the courage to stand up to him. And honestly, he doesn’t really try to hide the fact that he hates me. It’s okay, though.” I said, and Sans’ whole body seemed to flash red as he put that card down and places the rest of the cards in the discard pile before taking his shirt off and throwing it onto the pile of clothes in silence. “Sans, I’m… I’m sor-“

“Why are you sorry? There’s no reason you need to be. I’m the one with the asshole of a brother, who doesn’t even care that his OLDER brother feels happy and safe in this god damned hell hole! Don’t be sorry for that; I’m sorry I let my emotions get the best of me. Let’s just continue the game, kiddo.” He said, and picked up another card. “Scandalous! It’s _____’s ________ drawer!” Putting the cards down, I put my bet down on a random card before looking up at Sans. He picked up the cards and looked at all of them, smirking widely. The sudden feeling of dread invaded my system as he practically slammed down the first pair. “Scandalous! It’s Sans’s The Bone Zone drawer!” he said, and my eyes widened.

‘Damn it… Why didn’t I just bet on that one? I knew he would pick it…’ I thought, mentally kicking myself for trying to make him feel better. Sighing, I reached down to the hem of my shirt, lifting it up and over my head before flinging it to the pile. I was about to pick up the next black card, but Sans stopped me.

“You still got one more piece to take off, sweetheart. Two blank spaces means you gotta take off two clothing pieces.” He said, and I glared at him.

“You said, you lose a piece of clothing if you lose the round. You said nothing about the loser’s penalty matching the card spaces. Don’t you try and-“ I argued back, but my argument stalled in my throat when I was pushed back against the bed, Sans’ smile turning sadistic as his eye glowed brighter.

“Whether I said it or not, those are the rules… SO, since you agreed to play the fucking game, you have to pay the penalty for losing the round. Now, lose the bra, or I can help you lose it.” He said, as his smirk widened and lust started to cloud his pinpricks. I glared at him, refusing to let him win with that argument; nowhere in the rules that he laid out did he say that the amount of clothing lost had to match the amount of blank spaces the card had! After a few minutes of having a glaring contest, Sans growled, before grabbing my wrists and forcing them above my head. “Well, I guess if you refuse to pay the penalty in full, I’ll have to help you…” he said, his magic eye flaring up as he reached his hand behind my back. Glaring at him, I took my wrists back and knocked his hand away from my back.

“Fine! Get off.” I said, pushing him away from me and sitting up. Reaching back, I unhooked my bra, crossing an arm over my chest to block his view before letting the straps and bra fall off my shoulders and onto my lap. Picking it up and brandishing it at him, I threw my bra onto the pile of clothes. “There~ Are you happy now, assh-“ I started to say before I was cut off by Sans’ teeth on my mouth. My eyes widened in shock, but when I went to push him off, he growled and pushed me back onto the bed, straddling my hips so that I couldn’t get away. Not that I wanted to, though; I was curious to see where he went with this. His smirk widened as I stopped fighting him. Pulling back, I was met with a red eye and a smirk before my eyes widened as the feeling of skeletal phalanges scraping and clawing at my chest.

“Now be a good girl; shut up and let me have my prize for winning.” He said and I let out a gasp as he bit my neck, drawing blood.

“What if Papyrus comes back?” I asked, trying to get him to think about what he was about to do, considering who he lives with. The only response that I got was another growled sentence.

“Fuck him. This is none of his fucking business; you are mine.” He hissed, and before I could even say a word, his smirk shut me up again. 

Playing Games
FINALLY! OH MY GOD, THIS FREAKING TOOK FOREVER! seriously, though... this took forever, and I am SO sorry! this is a one shot for my friend Steph. I hope you enjoy it, sweetheart, and I'm sorry it took so long!

Underfell (c) its creator
Steph (c) :iconpan-chan66:


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hi there! my name's Mariah, but you can call me Ri, if you like! ^-^ i'm pretty much your average anime lover- obsess about an anime, fall in love with one or more of the characters, think of millions of stories to do about the series, but never get around to doing them because real life gets in the way. you know the drill, guys. so, since summer is here, i just might be on more often, and i'll be working on writing new stuff. i hope you guys like the new stuff!

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Thank You SO Much!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 11:01 AM

Okay, so... since I no longer have the time to go through everything and thank every person for their favs or watches or anything as of late, I would like to thank everyone in a journal!

You all are very wonderful and I hope that I don't disappoint with my writing! 

So, thank you for all of the support, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my work!



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ok, so, basically, i just wanted some points that i could use them to upgrade to a premium membership... also, i would love to be able to donate to other deviants (and maybe get some one shots or so out of it) so, here's wat i'm going to do for those of u who donate:

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thanks again guys! ur watching and favorites, and comments, ect. just make me feel on top of the world! :)

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